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The Weekly Link

is the most popular and sought after family magazine distributed throughout the Orthodox Jewish community in New York. Distribution currently stands at over 25,000 weekly print copies, and our online issue has more than 15,000 unique weekly readers.


Luach Hatzibur

is a daily publication that distributes to over 250 local synagogues, stores and communal addresses as well as sending daily emails to subscribers. Since its inception, the demands of its avid readers and fans have increased our distribution to many more locations as well as heeding to their inputs, Luach Hatzibur constantly adds more contents and features to its popular paper.
“Our mission is to address the reading and advertising needs of the community with the right exposure, right content and right results!”


Golden Taste's

delicious products are sought after by kosher families all over the United States, and are offered in prominent display at major food chains across the country . We serve both the retail market and the food service industry, offering single pack, case pack and bulk packaging options for nearly all our items.


Founded by Rabbi Zvi Kestenbaum, ODA Primary Health Care Network has been committed to providing the Williamsburg, Brooklyn community with easy access to high-quality, affordable health care for over forty years. ODA operates five full-time locations in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and two seasonal locations in the Catskills with a mission to improve the health of the community by ensuring access to convenient, affordable, high-quality comprehensive healthcare services. ODA is the largest provider of primary, specialty, urgent and dental care services in the Williamsburg community.
Our Services
ODA provides a comprehensive spectrum of coordinated healthcare services driven by a deep commitment to quality and patient satisfaction.
• ODA employs a team of over 100 highly skilled Physicians, Physicians Assistants and Nurse Practitioners providing a primary, specialty, behavioral and dental health care service. Our Providers partner with patients and their family to establish patient wellness goals and address healthcare needs.
• ODA’s Heyward Street location is open until midnight Sunday through Thursday for appointments and walk-in patients.
• Services are available seven days a week, 365 days a year, with on-call availability 24-hours a day for emergencies
• Free round-trip transportation is available to and from all ODA locations.


Mefoar Judaica

(a.k.a. Chaim Judaica) is the home of Talitania talleitim, “The tallit you prayed for”. The industry leader for over hundred years, Talitania has been setting the standards, the others can only hope to match. From the full-length wools and Turkish wools to the more colorful silks to the prayer shawls, Malchut truly has a tallis for everyone. “Your prayers have been answered.”
We’ve created a breathtaking line of Challah Covers and Tallit/Tefillin bag sets. With our 3-D designs, the latest innovation in embroidery, it really must be seen and felt to be properly appreciated. With thick luxurious velvet in rich vibrant colors, it’s sure to enhance any Shabbos table or make a memorable gift for that special someone.


Ezra Medical Center

is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. To this end, our mission is the provision of the highest quality of health care to those who have limited accessibility to health care services. Ezra Medical Center strives to ensure for the continuing wellness of the total family and the ongoing education of our patients and our community.
Our Value
Reach out and serve those who are medically underserved.
Excellence in Clinical care.
Ethical practice of medicine.
Respect for patients, physicians and staff.
Our goals
To deliver quality and cost efficient health care to the community.
To be on the cutting edge of health care innovation.
To act as a community resource for health advocacy and wellness.
To act as a facilitator of health care knowledge and information by providing seminars, workshops, and classes.
To provide primary and preventative healthcare in conjunction with ancillary medical specialties.